Feedback from our Customers


As a parent, it’s always hard to see your child struggle with a subject. But after enrolling them in an Edsplore course, their attitude towards math completely changed. They were excited to do their homework and even asked for extra practice problems. I am so grateful to Edsplore for helping my child find a love for math.

Vinita Desai
As an Indian living overseas, I was really worried about finding a math course that would be effective for my homeschooled daughter. We had tried so many different approaches, but nothing seemed to stick. I wasn't even sure if the CBSE curriculum was right for her, but when I heard about Edsplore's approach to teaching math through storytelling, I knew we had to give it a try. My daughter has finally found a way to understand math concepts that were easy and enjoyable for her. She is actually ahead of so many of her peers who are learning through traditional methods.
Rajiv Gupta


I have always struggled with math, but the course on Edsplore made it so much easier to understand. The videos and puzzles were really engaging, and the instructors were so helpful and patient. I would definitely recommend Edsplore to anyone who wants to improve their math skills.
I was hesitant to try an online course for math, but I’m so glad I did. The Edsplore course was fun and interactive and really helped me improve my math skills. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fresh and engaging way to learn math.



As a teacher, I have found that incorporating real-world examples and storytelling into my teaching has had a tremendous impact on my students' learning and engagement. With the help of Edsplore's resources, I have been able to bring my lessons to life and help my students see the relevance and importance of the material we are covering.
Indu Sharma
I have been using Edsplore in my math classes for the past year, and the results have been incredible. My students are more engaged and motivated than ever before, and I have seen a significant improvement in their math skills. Edsplore has truly helped my students fall in love with math.

Anita Gupta