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Math Mastery Bootcamp
Level – Grade 9

✓ Our course strengthens your mathematical skills in various areas, including algebra, geometry, mensuration, probability, and statistics. 

 ✓ Step-by-step notes, videos, quizzes, and workbooks guide you through each concept and help you test your understanding.

 ✓ Learn math through intuitive stories, visualizations, illustrations, and real-life applications.

✓ Suitable for both new and experienced math learners.


Catalyzing Growth

Fundamental Knowledge
We believe that a strong foundation in any subject is essential for long-term learning. Fundamental knowledge provides the building blocks for more advanced concepts and helps students understand how different ideas are connected.

Rote Memorization vs. Understanding
Simply memorizing information without understanding it, is not sufficient for long-term learning and can lead to difficulty in applying knowledge to new situations. On the other hand, understanding and internalizing concepts are crucial for successful learning and retention.

Comprehensive Education
By combining fundamental knowledge with practical application, we aim to provide a well-rounded education that helps students understand what they are learning, why it is important, and how it can be applied. This comprehensive approach helps students develop a deeper understanding of their subject and prepares them for success in their future endeavors.

Storytelling and Animations in Education
Storytelling and bite-sized animations can be powerful tools for engaging and retaining students’ attention. By using storytelling, our course helps students understand and remember the material more intuitively.


I have always struggled with math, but the course on Edsplore made it so much easier to understand. The videos and puzzles were really engaging, and the instructors were so helpful and patient. I would definitely recommend Edsplore to anyone who wants to improve their math skills.

Grade 9 Student
I took the Class 9 Mathematics course on Edsplore and it was so much more engaging and interactive than my traditional math class. The animated videos and interactive puzzles made learning the material so much more fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Edsplore to anyone looking to improve their math skills!
Grade 9 student
As a parent, it's always hard to see your child struggle with a subject. But after enrolling them in an Edsplore course, their attitude towards math completely changed. They were excited to do their homework and even asked for extra practice problems. I am so grateful to Edsplore for helping my child find a love for math.
Sagar Gupta